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The WHC Haunted Harvest Hunt 2 (HHH2) Has Begun!


As of October 8th, our HHH2 (Haunted Harvest Hunt 2) gridwide hunt for Autumn, 2012 has begun!  We invite you to enjoy this hunt for 23 original prizes located around most of the SL continents, at our lands and outposts.  Our HHH2 hunt is from October 8th through October 31st.

The starting point is our Weltenville Rental Office at the following SLURL:

We encourage you to join our in-world group Weltenville Hunt Club, for up to the moment information and extras, in SL, and we hope to see you soon in SL.

Until then,
Stay Well and Stay In Touch,

Weltenville Hunt Club

Weltenville Hunt Club Presents the Haunted Harvest Hunt 2!

In this festive season of Autumn with Halloween,  and for those who celebrate it, Samhain, the colorful scenery and harvest time, we have decided to do our second annual Haunted Harvest Hunt, called appropriately enough the WHC Haunted Harvest Hunt 2 (HHH2 for short) starting October 8th, 2012.

Our Weltenville shopkeeps and creative spirits have made some beautiful, original Hunt prizes for you this year, and the HHH2 will take place gridwide, with at least 20 or so hunt prizes to find.

More details will be forthcoming here and in our in-world group Weltenville Hunt Club very soon, but today I can let you know that the WHC HHH2 begins on October 8th and runs through October 31st.

To stay up to date on our hunts, hints and info, we invite you to join our in-world SL group Weltenville Hunt Club, and look in on our blogs.  We will be happy to see you soon in the Hunt!

Until then,
Stay Well and Stay In Touch,

Weltenville Hunt Club

October Grid Wide Haunted Harvest Hunt!

Haunted Harvest Hunt 2011

Weltenville Hunt Club presents our Grid Wide Haunted Harvest Hunt 2011 (Oct 15 - 31)

The Weltenville Hunt Club (WHC) is pleased to announce our October Grid Wide Haunted Harvest Hunt (HHH).  The HHH has a bountiful harvest of both L$ in treasure chests and lovely HHH prizes from each participating vendor at a total of 31 of our outposts and lands.  The HHH begins on October 15th and runs through October 31st.

The details are as follows:

– Treasure chests can be found at our outposts in just about every SL continent.

– All the vendors taking part in our Haunted Harvest Hunt have placed a unique HHH prize themed for the season inside the official HHH pumpkin hidden at their shops.  Each of these prizes will reflect the fine quality of the products in the participating shops.

– L$ 1 is the prize in each treasure chest, with a L$ 10 bonus prize in one of the treasure chests.

We invite you to enjoy harvesting all the L$ and prizes you can, and come away from the HHH with your own amazing October haunted harvest!

NOTE:  If you wish to hunt the Treasure Chest at the Waumer Adult-rated property, you will need Age Verifiction in place.  However, the majority of the Hunt areas will be on Moderate sim areas not requiring the Age Verification process.

The official Haunted Harvest Hunt starting point on October 15th  is:

Weltenville Welcome Center

We, the Weltenville Hunt Club, wish you a most enjoyable Hunt!  To stay up to date on our hunts, hints and info, we invite you to join our in-world SL group Weltenville Hunt Club, and look in on our blogs, all of which are listed below including this very one.  We will be happy to see you soon in the Hunt!

Until then,
Stay Well and Stay In Touch,

Weltenville Hunt Club

Autumn Weltenville Gridwide Hunt To Come

As Summer winds down with these beautiful, long days at the Weltenville Pier, we sailed, enjoyed the hotter nights at our Daemons Club just up from the beach at Poolside, took all those sunny rides through the Biker Parties riding outposts on various continents, and offered up our first ever Weltenville Yard Sale.  All throughout, we’ve been thinking on the Weltenville Gridwide Autumn Hunt.

A note on our Weltenville Yard Sale.  We did the Yard Sale in the place of a Hunt this Summer and it runs through September.  That virtual garage sale look and atmosphere seemed just like one you would find down the street.  We’ve been having fun with it, and it’s sure to become a yearly tradition for late Summer.

Now on to the subject of our Weltenville Gridwide Autumn Hunt, which is the working title for the Hunt.

We were thinking of October for our Hunt this time as it’s a festive month with Halloween, the colorful landscape, and for those who celebrate it, Samhain.  Beyond named holidays, it’s a time of enjoying what comes from the harvest.  So you can see the more obvious choices we have for a theme on an October hunt.

Our vendors list is growing too.  If you have a shop of original creations and want in on our Weltenville Gridwide Autumn Hunt, get in touch in-world by notecard and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the details.  Ask for Gabonica Lorefield, Juliette Landfall or Geno Lupindo.  If you see any of us online in SL,  go ahead and IM, but if not, a notecard is best.  Include your full resident name, your shop name, and tell us of your interest in being a part of the Weltenville Gridwide Autumn Hunt.  We’re limiting the amount of stores out of necessity, to keep things running smoothly for the Hunters.

More details sure to come very soon here and in SL.

Until then,
Stay Well and Stay In Touch,

Weltenville Hunt Club

What Will Be Hunted Next at Weltenville?

We’ve been mulling over what to bring you for our next gridwide hunt.  The tentative starting date will be July 1, 2011 and run through approximately the next three weeks after that, so the theme may relate in some way to our hot summers.

The more exotic option would be our first gridwide hunt specific to the merfolk of SL.  Second Life has some amazing underwater life and locations, including mermaids and mermen, and our Neith Mer are a part of the beautiful underwater world of SL.   So we have been thinking again and again how much fun we could have with a gridwide Mer Hunt, while also being able to conduct a mer event or two to introduce newer residents and other merfolk to our Neith Mermaids and Mermen.

Well, it’s a thought, and we will eventually do it.  We are just not sure whether July’s hunt will be Summer or Mer themed.  Right now, we’re leaning toward a Summer Hunt theme of some sort.

So far the pleasure has been ours to bring these Weltenville Gridwide Hunts to SL…what fun they’ve been, and will continue to be!

More about the final decision on the next Weltenville Gridwide Hunt soon to come.

Until then,
Stay Well and Stay In Touch,

Weltenville Hunt Club

Last Night Of The Good Egg/Bad Egg Hunt

Tonight is the last night to find the Eggs on either the Good Egg Path or Bad Egg Path in our Gridwide Good Egg/Bad Egg Hunt.

This Hunt has been ongoing since April 1, 2011, and from the feedback, we would say this was a great success!  We have been hearing some great compliments on the quality of the original creations, which is always gratifying to those who take the time to create beautiful things.

As we are finishing our very first Gridwide Hunt (the others have been simwide or multi-sim in a limited way), I can only say we will be doing many more Gridwide Hunts!  The experience has been a positive one all around.

Check back for information on our next Hunt, soon to come.  I will put in all the necessary details should you want to join in with your own original creations.

Until then,
Stay Well and Stay In Touch,

Weltenville Hunt Club

Welcome to the Weltenville Hunt Club!

We welcome you to the Weltenville Hunt Club. All the news, information and updates regarding the Weltenville Gridwide and Simwide Hunts in SL can be found right here.

Weltenville has already had a successful  history in our simwide Hunts and in the most recent, first-time ever gridwide hunt for Weltenville sims, our sponsors and friends in Second Life.

Here is just part of what you will find at Weltenville Hunt Club:

  1. The lastest news on our upcoming and currently ongoing Weltenville Hunts.
  2. Information on the sims, shops and creators involved.
  3. Any hints that may be included with the Hunts.
  4. Reviews of the Hunts.
  5. Any entertaining tidbit we happen upon in the course of running the Hunts.
  6. Where to go, what to see, beyond just the Hunt.

So please join us here, and in SL at our beautiful sims, anytime you like.  Mark the date of our upcoming Hunts, catch up on what you missed, or find an amazing set of prizes in a Hunt happening right now!  We’ll have it all here for you to enjoy.

Our best,

Weltenville Hunt Club

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